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7 Signs Your Property Has a Rodent Problem

Rodents are common pests that tend to invade people's property in search of food, water, and a place to nest. Once they enter your home or commercial building, they can quickly generate a great deal of damage while also posing a health risk to anyone who visits your property.
Unfortunately, rodents also reproduce at a rapid rate. For instance, a female mouse can have a litter of up to 12 babies in under a month and get pregnant again immediately. Keep an eye out for these signs of a rodent problem so that you can arrange for pest control services immediately when you suspect an invasion.

1. Finding Droppings

Animal droppings can hold valuable clues that help you figure out what types of rodents are living on your property. Always be concerned about finding fresh droppings inside your living space, especially if they are near where a rodent would eat or sleep, such as in your pantry or attic.
If you find droppings, avoid touching them or breathing any dust that is generated in the area because rodents can carry diseases such as the Hantavirus and Leptospirosis that are transmittable to humans.
Instead, seek the advice of a pest control expert that can help you dispose of contaminated materials while using the droppings to identify the type of rodent that you are dealing with so that the appropriate treatment plan is implemented.

2. Discovering Chew Marks

You might find chew marks or scratches from rodents on several parts of your property. For instance, chew marks may show up on food packaging materials where the rodent found a quick meal. Alternatively, chew marks may be on the outside of the building where a rodent sought to gain entry.

3. Watching Pets React

Dogs and cats have amazing senses that allow them to identify prey within their vicinity. Be alert for signs that your pet has detected rodent activity, such as sniffing under couches or pawing at the walls.

4. Dealing With Electrical Problems

Rodents are known for chewing through wires in the dwellings that they infest. Watch for issues such as electrical outlets that no longer work or lights flickering throughout the house. Since a chewed through wire can start a fire, this is one sign of rodent activity that requires prompt attention.

5. Spotting Shredded Paper Products

A rodent will make a nest from just about any material that shreds easily enough to create a soft place to sleep and give birth. Look for shredded paper products in your garage, attic, and storage spaces because these are areas where rodents frequently inhabit.

6. Hearing Strange Noises

Rats, mice, and squirrels prefer not to attract attention to themselves. However, a growing population of rodents on your property will eventually generate enough noise for you to notice.
You should be concerned about noises from unoccupied areas, such as the sound of something being knocked over in your attic. You may also hear squeaks, scratches, or scurrying sounds coming from parts of your house as the rodents move from one place to another.

7. Noticing Potential Entry Points

Just about every building is susceptible to rodent invasions, but older or damaged buildings are more likely to have a problem simply because they have more entry points that allow access.
Check around your house for areas where a rodent could gain entry, such as a missing piece of the roof or a crack around a pipe leading into the building. Repair all of these entry points after your house is treated to prevent rodents from continuing to return to your property.
Rodent problems quickly escalate into widespread infestations. Contact Patrick Exterminating at the first sign of a potential rodent issue so that we can help you keep your property pest-free this season.



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