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Household Pest Control

At Patrick Exterminating, we take the approach that most insects which cause a homeowner distress originate from the outside. Therefore, our household pest control concentrates more on exterior applications. By addressing the source of insects, we can limit interior applications to an as-needed-only basis. Our customers prefer the idea that chemical applications inside their homes are not done just as a matter of routine. They also prefer the convenience of exterior treatments and appreciate not having their schedules interrupted. Our bi-monthly exterior service is fully guaranteed, and in the event we do have to make an interior application, there is no additional charge.
Patrick Exterminating also specializes in ridding your home of insects that target both your pets and yourselves. Everyone who has ever had a pet in Florida knows that fleas and ticks are in abundance. Your pet may only occasionally have issues with either pest. However, due to seasonal and climate changes, both have been known to overwhelm your pet and your home. With proper treatment, we can eliminate these pests and restore peace to you and your four-legged family members.
We also are experts in rodent control. Baiting and trapping are generally necessary, but rodent exclusion is critical for successful elimination. Our trained personnel takes the time to inspect your home and make the necessary recommendations to prevent these unwanted intruders.
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Bed Bugs
This newest pest to take the stage is not new at all. Bed bugs have been bothering people since ancient times. It seems that only in the past decade have they re-emerged as a public health threat. Bed bug elimination takes a strong commitment from both the homeowner and their pest control operator. Patrick Exterminating has a successful track record with these persistent pests and stands ready to assist you in their elimination.
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Our Pledge

We pledge to apply the safest products available to achieve pest elimination while maintaining an environmentally conscientious approach.
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