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Lawn Pest Care & Ornamental Care

Lawn Pest Care and Ornamental Care Services in Stuart, Florida, and Nearby Areas

Even our lawns and trees must occasionally combat unwanted pests. Patrick Exterminating provides a complete lawn and ornamental care program that helps maintain a healthy and flourishing environment.
In South Florida, we are able to enjoy a wide variety of turf, shrubs and trees. We have evergreens, flowering plants, fruit-bearing trees and a wide variety of palms. All of these different plants have different requirements.
Our climate is also conducive to a variety of diseases that thrive in our hot, humid climate. The fungus is an ongoing problem for your lawn and ornamental. Weed control is also a concern in lawn care.
A well-maintained and healthy lawn is able to combat problems, but a lawn suffering from nutritional deficiencies, insect attack or disease will quickly decline.
At Patrick Exterminating, we have the experience to tailor a program that meets your lawn and shrub needs.
Our Pledge

We pledge to apply the safest products available to achieve pest elimination while maintaining an environmentally conscientious approach.