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Rodent Control and Extermination in Stuart, Florida

Effective Home and Property Protection

Rodents can be a threat to humans and property. Not only do mice and rats carry communicable diseases, but they can also eat through most materials in your structure.

That’s why Patrick Exterminating offers solutions that get to the root of the issue. We specialize in capturing the rodents that are already in your property and preventing new colonies from forming. We will inspect your property and tailor our services to the specific circumstances you are encountering. Your peace of mind is worth a professional service from our friendly, dependable team.

Our Thorough, Four-Step Process


Our highly experienced team will inspect your property to determine the population size and species of the pest. We will locate entry points, pinpoint nests and determine what factors are attracting them.


We will remove all food sources that rodents depend upon to feed and multiply. Our extermination experts will also sanitize any unclean areas that are found to be contaminated by mice or rats.

Stopping Re-entry

After identifying entry points, our team will block off holes, tunnels and weak spots to eliminate rodents’ ability to inhabit your structure. We will ensure wildlife exclusion from your property.


We will reduce and eliminate the resident population by applying rodenticide, tamper-proof bait stations and traps. We will apply poisons that are not a threat to your family or children.

Why You Need to Call Us

There are many reasons why rodents in your home or commercial structure are a hazard. Common disease they may carry include Hantavirus, Listeria, Rat-Bite Fever and Salmonellosis. All of these are communicable to humans and can cause serious illness or death. Moreover, Rodents can chew through materials such as insulation, trim, dry wall, card board, wood and electrical wiring. Exposed wiring caused by rodents is a leading cause of house fires in the United States.

Professional Team, Reliable Solutions

No matter the size of your property, whether a home or a large commercial facility, we are your first choice. Since 1988, our team of exterminators has helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of homeowners in the Stuart, Florida, area. The last thing you want to find are rat pellets in your kitchen. When you discover a telltale sign, call us today for an immediate and thorough service.

Our Pledge

We pledge to apply the safest products available to achieve pest elimination while maintaining an environmentally conscientious approach.