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Termite Control

Affordable Termite Control Services in Stuart and Surrounding Areas

The largest financial investment most people will ever make is their home. Termite damage in Florida is estimated at over $500 million annually. Doesn’t it make sense to have termite protection? Termites can invade without any visible signs and no type of construction, be it CBS, wood or concrete is termite proof. Our preventative and corrective treatments can safeguard your home against costly repairs. With trained service personnel, we can offer you the right type of treatment to best suit your situation.
Call to receive your free inspection. You deserve peace of mind in knowing your home is not just another termite statistic.

Subterranean Termite Control

termite swarmer
Termite Swarmer
* Wings longer than body
* Body segments less distinct
* Wings same size in length
ant swarmer
Ant Swarmer
* Short wings
* Distinct body segments

These termites are the most widespread and persistent termite found in Florida. At Patrick Exterminating, we have proudly offered the Sentricon Colony Elimination System since 1995. This baiting monitoring system offers year-round, hands-on termite protection and is the only product to ever earn the Presidential Green Chemistry Award, a top environmental award.
Patrick Exterminating is also an authorized Termidor Applicator. Liquid barrier applications have always been utilized by the pest control industry and will always be an option. For customers who prefer a liquid treatment, Termidor is the #1 standard, and therefore, we are proud to offer this choice.

Drywood Termite Control


Drywood Termites Enter Your Home in Either of Two Ways.

Entry Method #1
The swarming termites enter during swarming season, which in South Florida is generally spring and fall. They enter through the tiniest of cracks, usually in the eave/soffit area. The damage is usually to the roof trusses or the roof sheathing. Fortunately, drywood termites are fairly slow eaters, but if left undetected or untreated structural damage can occur.
Entry Method #2
The termites are brought into the house via an infested piece of furniture or trim/molding. If small pellets appear in cabinets, drawers or under furniture, there is, in all likelihood, a problem. Either of these two scenarios can take months or years to become evident.
Tent Fumigation or Not? That Is the Question!

Drywood termite infestation has traditionally meant tent fumigation. Fortunately, times have changed. Homeowners now have options available when it comes to dealing with these pests. With the advent of sophisticated acoustic emission devices and infrared scanners, we are now able to pinpoint where the termites are actually eating. Localized treatments are available, thus enabling you to avoid the cost and inconvenience of a tent fumigation. We will gladly inspect your home and make an honest recommendation as to which approach is best for your situation.
When in doubt, call us for a free identification – swarming termites may be the only time you see them before it’s too late!
Our Pledge

We pledge to apply the safest products available to achieve pest elimination while maintaining an environmentally conscientious approach.